Here's the not-so-small print on the hugely discounted bags in the sale.

Firstly, some bags may not have any noticeable Quality Control (QC) Issues, but MOST will.

Secondly, when they do have a QC problem they will most likely be one or two of the following list, but NEVER everything on the list, nor should there be more than a handful of items on the list. 

If when you receive your bag - it's not as expected for the price you are paying - then please speak to us first and we'll find you a remedy to help satisfy you. Your satisfaction is very important to us.

Please note we will give all the bags a 'little' brush up before dispatch, but because there's no profit margin in selling these bags to you then please understand we are limited with the time we can give to this process, but you can do it yourself :) 


  • Hardware is likely not the same models that we use on our 2020 range.
  • Hardware, such as clasps and buckles, may be a little dirty/tarnished and could need cleaning/polishing. 


  • Leather may be dusty.
  • Leather may have natural markings on it in ‘obvious’ locations. 
  • Leather may have unnatural scratches and marks.
  • Leather maybe a little misshapen due to storage, this should loosen and reshape as the bag is used.
  • The reverse side of the leather may have some dye or other markings.
  • The reverse side of the leather may have a ‘chalked’ measurement or numbering.
  • The leather colours (especially the browns, reds and greens) are likely to be different to our current colour definitions but the colours we use to describe the bags will be the closest match to our current range.
  • Different bags using the same named colour maybe from different batches of leather and will likely vary a shade or two in tone.
  • Patent leather may have small microscopic dots of silver-leaf in the grain. Not very noticeable - looks like a sparkle. 
  • Metallic Leather may have scratches or parts where the metallic effect is wearing off.


  • Handles may be a little shallow in the distance from the top of the bag to the handle, but they will all be usable.
  • Handles may be a little misshaped initially but will reshape as they are used. 


  • Stitching in some places may not be perfectly aligned to the edges of the leather.
  • Stitching “thread ends” may need trimming with a pair of scissors.


  • Rivets may not be aligned acceptably.
  • Rivets may not have been pressed/closed with the correct full pressure, and may protrude a little more than is normally acceptable.
  • Rivets may be a little tarnished and require cleaning/polishing.


  • Some of the bags will be made using older patterns, or may have simply been cut wrong and be different sizes. 
  • Bags with customisations (eg. magnetics) will be distributed ad-hoc unless you specify in the order notes that you are looking for a particular feature. Then we'll see if any of the bags on offer have that feature for you, but we can't offer any guarantees. If we can't find the bag you want then we'll happily cancel the bag order and refund you. 
  • Some bags may have parts missing, such as pockets, straps, etc.
  • Some bags may have extra features, such as slip-pockets, etc.
  • The links to our current pages with the dimensions of the current patterns are purely for reference, but these are the closest measurements and features to the bag on offer, but they may not be an accurate measurement of the bag on sale - that's why they are hugely discounted.


  • Branding will not be the exact same branding that we have evolved for our 2020 range.
  • Branding could be missing or even a different brand logo, but all bags have been crafted by our team.