How it all works

Getting Started

Before you can place any bids you will need to create an account on the site. Information between our main site and this one is not shared so if you already have an account on there it will NOT work here on this auction website. 

The small icon of a person in the top right will take you to the account login screen if you aren't already logged in.

To set up an account you just need your name, an email address and a password.

Once you have registered and/or logged in then you'll be free to bid. 



Auction Details

We will be releasing the auctions in batches. Each batch should have around 30 different bags/lots. There may be batches that have more or less than 30 depending on what we have in stock. We will announce when a new batch has gone live via Facebook, Instagram and via Email Newsletter.

Every Auction will be set to last 7 days from the start date as standard. If no bids have been received on an item within 7 days, then the Auction will end. Whoever places the highest bid before the auction ends will be declared the winner and will be contacted by us to pay for the lot. 

There are email notifications set up so you will be alerted when:

  • You place a bid
  • When someone outbids you
  • When you win an auction

If you need to contact us you can reply to any of those automated emails we send you or simply drop us an email: 

Every Auction will have a unique lot number assigned to it. Whenever you are communicating with us in reference to a specific auction use the lot number assigned to it as it is a quick and easy way for us to identify which auction(s) you're referring and it will also avoid any confusion with similar bags that may be available.

Anti-Auction Sniping: If an auction receives a bid at any time on the final day then the auction timer is extended by 24 hours. This is to prevent bid sniping and to give people in different time zones a helping hand as they may not be able to monitor auctions right up until the final moment. We will however try and limit the amount an auction is extended as we don't want them to run on for too long.

Auctions will have a minimum bid increment in place that is relative to the starting price. So for example, if the bidding increment is set to £5 you'll be able to bid in increments of £5 on top of the current price so £5, £10, £15, £20, etc. but you won't be able to bid less than the minimum bid increment, (e.g. £5)



Shipping Details

Shipping charges will apply to all of the auctions. You can find the shipping charges that are relevant to you on our Shipping Info page. 

Multiple shipments can be combined into a single one upon request. Please notify us of the lot numbers that you are bidding on we can hold any items until you are ready for us to send your combined shipment. 



Winning an Auction

When you win an auction you'll be asked to pay for the item and enter your shipping details. If you happen to be viewing the product page for the item you have won at the time when the auction ends you'll be notified that you have won and be given the option to immediately checkout. 

If you aren't on the page when it ends then do not worry. You'll receive two emails. One will notify you that you have won the auction. The second will be an invoice to pay with an embedded payment button that will allow payment securely online. 

We will wait up to 48-hours after the auction has ended for you to complete the payment. If payment has not been completed by then and we have not had any communication with you then we will try to get in touch with you directly via the email provided for your auction account. If we do not receive any response within 24 hours of trying to contact you the auction will be awarded to the next highest bidder. 




All these bags have already been made, but there are still certain customisations available for each bag. A hyperlink to a list of the available customisations for each bag is in the product description on every auction. 

There is also a dedicated page that can be accessed via the auction website that details all of the customisations that can be retrofitted for each bag type. 

If you would like to customise your order then you can either let us know either by replying to the invoice you received to pay for the order or by sending an email to or adding the details into the order notes. 

We ask that any customisation requests are placed within 48 hours of winning an auction. This is so we have enough time to add the items to your order, receive payment and then complete the customisations before the bag is shipped.



 If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at