Satchel and Crossbody Bag Customisations

If you have won an auction for a Classic Satchel, Briefcase Satchel or Crossbody Bag the following customisations are available upon request. Some Customisations are dependant on the size of your bag so please double check before deciding. You have up to 48 hours after the auction has closed to request any customisations you may want. 

You can either email us ( or leave your request in the order notes.

Monogramming :

Up to 6 letters or numbers excluding spaces. The Standard placement for Monogramming is dependant on the bag. For Satchels it is between the fasteners on the front flap. For Crossbody bags that have central fastener it is alongside the fastener on the flap. For Pixie's it is above the clasp on the front flap.

Blind = £10

Silver/Gold = £15

Bolt-on Handle:
Classic Satchels that are an 11-inch or larger and don't already have a handle can have a 25mm Bolt-on handle. Anything smaller than an 11-inch has a 19mm Bolt-on Handle.  We can also make the shoulder strap detachable upon request.
19mm Bolt-on Handle = £10
25mm Bolt-on Handle = £12
Strap Adjustments: 
The existing Shoulder strap can be made shorter if needed. If you require a longer strap the cost is increased as we will need to cut a new strap to increase the length. 
Strap Shortening (6"/12") = £5
Longer strap (6"/12") = £20
The strap can also be exchanged for a wider strap. Anything smaller than a 14" Satchel has a 19mm strap unless stated otherwise. 14" Satchels and upwards have a 25mm strap unless stated otherwise. 
25mm Strap = £25
38mm strap = £30
Shoulder pad = £10 
A shoulder pad that is stitched with a lining of suede below making it nice and soft on the skin, adding extra padding and support for comfort. Matching colour unless specified different