Tote Customisations

If you have won an auction for a Tote of any size the following customisations are available upon request. Some Customisations are dependant on the size of your bag so please double check before deciding. You have up to 48 hours after the auction has closed to request any customisations you may want. 

You can either email us at or leave your request in the order notes.




Approximately 6 letters or numbers excluding spaces, if you want more please ask first and we'll see if we can fit it in for you or offer some alternatives.

The Standard placement for Monogramming is between the Handles on the front panel. The front Panel is usually the side with the card pocket.

If you want a different position, such as on the reverse or even both sides, then just let us know and we'll see if we can do it. Also note that we are more limited with positioning on these bags because they are already made. 

  • Blind (Debossed) = £10 
  • Silver-leaf / Gold-leaf = £15



Longer Tote Handles

The handles on our Tote bags can be exchanged for longer ones if needed.

The Standard length is ideal for carrying the bag in the hand or on the forearm up to the elbow. (Most popular with Mini Totes and Portrait style totes.)

The Longer length allows the bag to be carried over the shoulder and tucked under the arm. (Most Popular option for Landscape Totes.)

The Very Long length allows the bag to worn on the shoulder whilst the bag is much closer to hip level. (Rarely Requested, and normally only with Landscape Totes.)

  • Standard (FREE, because they come with this already!)
  • Longer = £10
  • Very Long = £15

If you order a special set of handles you will also receive the standard set in your bag. The handles are replaceable and interchangeable. 

The image below demonstrates the difference between the Standard and the Longer handles.

Longer Tote Handle



Additional Shoulder Strap

An additional Shoulder strap can be retro-fitted to a Portrait Landscape or Mini-Mini Tote. Length of the strap can be altered on request. 

  • 25mm Shoulder Strap = £25
  • 38mm Shoulder Strap = £30



Key Loop = £10
 A beautiful leather keyring loop to safely hang your keys inside your leather bag. Only available for Portrait and Landscape totes that don't already have a key loop.